About This Site

Leader Greatness captures my thinking around the drivers of successful leadership and the requirements for developing great leaders.

I focus on three themes: Insight, Inspiration and Impact.

Once a week I will write on at least one of these topics and once in a while I will interview a uncommon leader who is changing the world by leading differently.

You can follow along by RSS or email updates or by checking in at the site.

More specifically I write about:

  • Leadership Fundamentals: Understanding the essence of what it takes to lead successfully.
  • Leading For Change: The critical skills necessary for bringing about change successfully.
  • High Impact Leadership: The critical drivers for having a bigger impact more quickly and more easily.

The Big Idea

The big idea that links these topics is leader greatness. I define leader greatness as “being the best leader you can be in the service of the goals and aspirations of your organisation or community”.

For me, greatness is not about status or recognition, though these may come your way as a result of what you do. Rather, greatness is about:

  1. Creating something of value that lasts long after you have gone,
  2. That continues to serve the well-being and success of others ,and
  3. Where the people involved own it themselves and continue to breathe life into it long after you have gone.

Lawrence Green

I have been fortunate to work with leaders and leadership development since 1996. Over that time, I became increasingly concerned by the lack of impact that leaders were having and my own ability to help them be more effective in the way I knew they could be.

What I realised was that it wasn’t leaders who were the problem or the way I was trying to help them. Rather, it was the way I had learned to think about leadership that was the real issue.

Put simply, great leaders are in short supply in New Zealand. There are enough leaders who are capable of being great, but we need to rethink our understanding of the essence of leadership. And we need to be better in developing that capacity in ourselves and in others.

So in 2006 I changed my whole approach to leadership and began to think about how I could accelerate the development of leadership capacity in New Zealand. And because I wanted to reach many more leaders than I could possibly help working face-to-face, I decided that I needed to write.

I spent several years experimenting with different approaches to growing leadership and also took a lot of time to reflect on what leadership meant to me and how best to contribute to the development of leadership capacity across New Zealand.

For me, writing is also a medium for provoking positive change. It seems to me that there is no getting away from the fact that leadership is both an internal and an external journey. It is as much about who we are and who we are becoming as it is about achieving objectives and changing things in the material world.

I don’t claim to have all the answers, but like many, I believe in the importance of doing my best to create a better future for others. Growing leadership capacity is where I try to help.

My hope is that the writing here will inspire your journey to leader greatness and liberate you from any constraints that may be holding you back. My deepest hope is that you will do the same for others.